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Goodie Gusher_ Magic Key
Watch the Goodie Gusher in Action!
Each Goodie Gusher
Comes With:
30 Magic Keys
1 Hook For Hanging
Goodie Gusher- Emoji
Goodie Gusher  - Emoji  2
Goodie Gusher _ Space Monster 3
 Plus Super Cool Characters
and Themes
Goodie Gusher Space Monster 2
Goodie Gusher _Space Monster 1
Goodie Gusher _button 1
Goodie Gusher _ Girl
Goodi Gusher _Button 3
Goodie Gusher  - Explosion

How To Play:


To get the party popping, just fill the Goodie Gusher with candy and prizes, hang it up and let the fun begin. Kids will take turns trying to select the Magic Key, which builds anticipation and excitement.



Once the Magic Key is pulled it will automatically release a wide shower of party treats for the kids to enjoy!  

Features & Benefits:


  • Easy to fill & easy to hang

  • Works every-time with 2-15 players 

  • Use indoor or outdoor

  • Super safe and fun for all ages

  • Refillable to keep the party going

  • A different Magic Key each time

Goodie Gusher_ Space Monster
Goodie Gusher _ Children
Goodie Gusher_ Button  2
TMNT- Goodie Gusher
Goodie Gusher_Easter Activity
Goodie Gusher_Christmas Activity
Goodie Gusher _Halloween Activity
Goodie Gusher is a Hit at Every Celebration!